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Position : Project Manager V
Location : Offshore
Vacancy : 1
Closed Date : Urgent

Qualifications :

  • Have 10+ years of experience in offshore oil and gas industry.
  • An experience in supervision of the following work is preferred: offshore operation, offshore maintenance and offshore construction projects.
  • An experience in supervision of heavy lifting and material transferring operation is advantage.
  • Obtain general knowledge in Permit to Work System and Management of Safe Work.
  • Obtain Basic computer skill for analytical, documentation, report and presentation software.
  • Fluent in English communication.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Provide Operational Excellence day-to-day supervision of offshore personnel performing asset retirement work. The offshore activities include:
  • Coordinate as focal point of contact for Company offshore activities.
  • Conduct Kick Off meeting to assure that safety, work procedure and objectives are clearly understood by all involved parties.
  • Establish interfaces among teams, e.g. Operations, Logistics, D&C, FE Construction, Onshore supports and etc.
  • Strictly follow Permit-To-Work System and MSW for execution company activities.
  • Submit Daily Report by using ADAY.
  • Supervise Operational Preparation.
    • Coordinate with offshore teams.
    • Mobilization and Demobilization of Contractor Equipment.
    • Crane and Lifting Equipment operation
    • Process Venting and Isolating.
    • Line up WHP to live pipeline for cleaning fluid transfer.
    • Erect Scaffolding
    • HC gas and Mercury measurement
    • Confined Space Vessel Entry.
    • Washing Process Vessel by high pressure water jet and/or using solvent/chemical.
    • Flushing Pipeline using Seawater Pumping Units.
    • Waste handling and transferring of Hg Contaminated Sludge.
    • Sampling and testing at downstream of sea water flushing.
  • Supervise Topside Preparation:
    • Prepare Topside for heavy lift and transportation.
    • Erect Scaffolding, Work at Height.
    • Remove piping and Topside Riser Spools.
    • Precutting of Deck Legs.
    • Platform demolition.
    • NDT of Platform’s Pad Eyes.
  • Supervise Pipeline Intensive Cleaning:
    • Coordinate with marine spread for pipeline intensive cleaning operation.
    • Ensure that the intensive cleaning operations meet the required threshold.
    • Coordinate with Shore Base for transferring of spent chemical for final treatment and disposal.
  • Supervise Subsea Preparation, Pipeline Abandonment and Debris Removal
    • Coordinate with subsea ROV support vessel and/or Diving Support Vessel for subsea valve operations, pipeline cutting, plugging and burring.
    • Coordinate subsea preparation work for Jacket Removal.
    • Coordinate with Marine Spread for picking up debris from the seabed around the platform.
    • Coordinate with Marine spread for lifting and transportation of subsea structures, e.g. PLEM, Y, T and etc., for onshore disposal.
  • Supervise Conductor Removal (future):
    • Mobilization and Demobilization of Lifting and Conductor Severing Equipment
    • Pulling, cutting and transporting of the cutter to shore.
    • Coordinating with SCM for transportation of the conductor to shore.

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  • English resume (Latest Update)
  • Copy of Transcript
  • Copy of Military exempted
  • Copy of ID and House Registration
  • Copy of Other Training Certification