Job Advertisement Form

Position : Administrative Assistant ll
Location : Bangkok
Vacancy : 1
Closed Date : Urgent

Qualifications :

  • Bachelor’ degree related filed.
  • 1 year experience in Administration ,Coordinator, Reception
  • Good command in English.
  • Good computer skills i.e. excel, power point, and word.
  • Good interpersonal, coordination skill and services mind.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Check and make sure that all information that request is correct and approved by applicant’s supervisor before proceed with the requests
  • Coordinate with IT/HR department to issue CAI for new hire staff
  • Open ticket in Online system when receive a Smartbadge request
  • Prepare necessary documents and photos to proceed the next step accordingly
  • Coordinate with printing team in Singapore/Philippines/USA to make sure the Smartbadge is printed correctly
  • Register all Smartbadge when receive and make sure that access levels are correct
  • Add/Remove/Update facility access levels to the Smartbadge
  • Manage Access Control System to ensure all data is correct without redundancy
  • Distribute Smartbadge to the staff in BKKHQ and forward some Smartbadge to the correct distributors offshore
  • Provide technical service/support to the staff when encountering Smartbadge issues and errors
  • Provide information about Smartbadge to the staff when needed
  • Perform Receptionist ‘s duties when needed
  • Welcome visitors to company facility and keep track of each visitor in the On guard system
  • Contact hosts to pick up visitors to make sure all the visitors are accommodated
  • Issue visitor badges to all screened visitors prior to entering the company premises and ensure that all visitor badges are returned when visitors leave the offices
  • Make sure that all visitors see the safety video before entering Bangkok facility
  • Provide basic company information
  • Assist the operator by helping transfer lines, giving the company’s information to the callers, providing contact numbers, etc.
  • Follow up Visitor badge after expired
  • Provide general support to the team as needed such as design PowerPoint Presentation, Excel worksheets, edit pictures for CBRES posters and signs and translate, documents between English and Thai
  • Provide a replacement set of Smartbadge holders to company Staff
  • Act as mail in/out dropping point
  • Provide report to supervisor as needed.

Apply Online >> http://adisorn-skl.com/application/
Submit document to email: [email protected]

  • English resume (Latest Update)
  • Copy of Transcript
  • Copy of Military exempted
  • Copy of ID and House Registration
  • Copy of Other Training Certification