Adisorn Songkhla Co., Ltd. บริษัท อดิสรสงขลา จำกัด

Adisorn Songkhla Co., Ltd., a Registered Company, was established in Songkhla Province in 1980 to provide general construction work. It comprises experienced engineers, technicians and architects in many fields. The company has been engaged in building construction and civil work employing high recognizes standard personnel.

Manpower Supply was later on registered and has was become on of most significant function of our company. We have been supplied qualified personnel such as; painters, labours, welders, storekeepers, dispatchers, wireline storekeepers, lubrication crews, lab technicians, instructor, safety officer, for Oil and gas companies both obscure and offshore since 1982 . Along with manpower, we also provide many technical services such as; fabrication, painting, blasting and mechanical and electrical maintenance services.

Adisorn Songkhla also provide agency services and facility rental to facilitate foreign companies operating in Thailand. We assist clients in legal requirements and office spaces, warehouse, yard spaces and assist them in all other possible aspect of their operations in Thailand.

Adisorn Songkhla Company Limited has been certified as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance by Bureau Veritas Thailand (BV) Since February 2013. We are committed to providing quality services and continually development in our resources, which reflect in the service we provide to our customers.

Experts in Oil & Gas industry support


Geomatic Engineer (GIS Developer)

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Procurement Specialist

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Thai Cook, Local Cook

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